What is xETH?

xETH is a price reactive, elastic supply, deflationary powerhouse - with NO negative rebases!

xETH is pegged to the price of ethereum. If the price of xETH is greater than 0.01 ETH, then holders of xETH will experience a positive rebase, meaning more tokens distributed into their wallets. If the price of xETH drops below 0.01 ETH, there are deflationary mechanisms to drive the price back up.

It's also deflationary in nature, burning a % of each transaction, thereby reducing the total supply and increasing the value of each token. Staking dividends are also offered to incentivise long term holding

  • Rewards buyers through positive rebases pegged to a baseline of 0.01 ETH
  • Rewards holders through staking rewards from the pool (see next point)
  • Punishes sellers through transaction "taxes" at a price reactive dynamic rate of the transaction amount. Half of this tax is burnt and half is sent to a pool that's distributed to stakers.

Rewards buyers through positive rebases pegged to a baseline of 0.01 ETH.

Rewards holders through staking Rewards from the pool.

Dynamic tax rate on any sell transaction where 50% goes to stakers and 50% goes to the burn address. Rate exponentially increases below peg.


What are the tokenomics of xETH?

Why xETH?

xETH has improved on the standard rebase function other coins adopt - removing debases, and implementing burn mechanisms. There are no negative rebases because they can have a negative impact on price from a psychological point of view - although a debase technically doesn't change much, holders often panic sell their tokens, and when multiple holders do this, it can lead to apocalyptic sell-offs and crash the project beyond recovery.

Instead of negative rebases, xETH has adopted deflationary taxes per transaction that decrease the total supply. As long as you hold, you are gaining a larger % of the market cap.

xETH Roadmap

  • Late September

    Website v2 Launch

  • Late September

    Second liquidity pool: xETH/ETH

  • Early October

    Start Staking dAPP development

  • Mid October

    implement xETH farming

  • Late October

    Publish official whitepaper.

xETH Vision

xETH is an experimental token that combines the best parts of an elastic supply token with deflationary mechanisms to maintain long-term sustainability. Ethereum was chosen as the price peg because of its reflection of the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. The price of xETH should be concurrent with the price of Ethereum regardless of the circumstances.